Inaugural meeting of the Transpennine Topology Triangle
1995 Adams Memorial Lectures

Monday June 12th

1:00pm Tea and welcome to the TTT
2:00pm Victor Buhstaber ``Groups of diffeomorphisms of the superline and the Adams - Novikov spectral sequence'' (First Adams Lecture)
3:30pm Coffee
4:30pm Nori Minami ``On the iterated transfer.''

Tuesday June 13th

10.30am Tea
11:00am Problem Session
2:00pm Victor Buhstaber ``Semigroups of maps into groups, doubling of Hopf algebras, and complex cobordism'' (Second Adams Lecture)
3.30pm Coffee
4:30pm Martin Crossley ``Polynomials annihilated by Steenrod powers.''

Wednesday June 14th

10.30am Tea
11:00am Sarah Whitehouse
2:00pm Victor Buhstaber ``Multivalued groups and integrable correspondences'' (Third Adams Lecture)
3.30pm Coffee and close

Each lecture will take place in Room 2.13 of the Mathematics Department, Oxford Road, University of Manchester; Tea and Coffee will be served in the Brian Hartley Room, on the sixth floor. Accommodation at the rate of pstg25 per night (student room, no breakfast -- and possibly cheaper by negotiation) can be arranged at Weston Hall, UMIST (about 10 minutes walk away), telephone 0161 955 8000. The meeting is partially supported by a Scheme 3 grant from the London Mathematical Society, and one of its themes will be "Novel approaches to algebras of cohomology operations". Further details may be obtained from Nige Ray (, or from either of the other organisers John Greenlees ( and John Hunton ( The Adams Lecturer is sponsored by KPMG.

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