Twenty second meeting of the Transpennine Topology Triangle

Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Sheffield
Monday December 13th

This will be a working meeting. There will therefore be the usual time for participant discussion. Talks will take place in Room J11, on the sixth floor of the Hicks Building.


We expect to go to eat nearby, soon after the last talk.


``Constructing some groups of type VF'' by Ian Leary

A group H is of type F if there is a finite model for the classifying space BH. A group is of type VF if it has a finite index subgroup of type F. Brita Nucinkis and I exhibit

Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome: we shall operate the usual arrangements for assistance with travel expenses. We expect to assemble for tea and coffee in I15, Floor 5, from 11.00 am until the first talk. Each lecture will take place in Room J11 of the Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, Sheffield.
Tea and Coffee will be served in the common room I15.
For further information email John Greenlees, (or John Hunton or Nige Ray if you are interested, so we can make approximately the right amount of tea and coffee.

How to get there

From the rail station you can catch the Number 60 bus, and get off where it crosses the ring road. Or take the supertram to the University stop. There is more information at School of Mathematics and Statistics Homepage
The meeting is partially supported by a Scheme 3 grant from the London Mathematical Society.

Escape routes

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