Thirty Fifth Meeting of the Transpennine Topology Triangle
Tuesday, July 30th 2002


Department of Mathematics
University of Manchester

Talks will be in the Mathematics Tower, Room 9.05; informal discussions will take place at other times in the Brian Hartley Room, floor 6. We will meet in the BHR for coffee from 11.00 am onwards.

Lunch will be taken locally (at the vegetarian "On the Eight Day", for example), and we expect to visit a nearby curry house (or similar) early in the evening. Please note that the Commonwealth Games will be in full swing on the day of the meeting, and may cause transport delays around the Greater Manchester area. In particular, the local organiser will have to leave at 4.30pm to attend the evening athletics events!

Everyone who wishes to participate is welcome: we shall operate the usual arrangements for assistance with travel expenses. Please email Nige Ray (or John Greenlees, or John Hunton if you are interested in attending, so that we can cater for appropriate numbers.

How to get there

If you need help in finding the Mathematics Tower (the tallest building on Oxford Road!), there is more information at the Departmental Homepage


Titles and speakers are as follows.


Bob Bruner:
This talk will describe recent results on the real connective K-cohomology of classifying spaces of finite groups.

Nathalie Wahl:
To rectify a diagram which commutes only up to homotopy, one needs "higher homotopies". Following ideas of Dwyer and Kan, I will present a method which allows us to deal with these questions and apply it to geometric situations coming from the mapping class groups.

Christian Ausoni:
After reviewing some definitions, I will present computations in topological Hochschild homology of K-theory and discuss motivations, applications and speculations.

The meeting is partially supported by a Scheme 3 grant from the London Mathematical Society.

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