Sheffield Strickland Sandwich meeting
of the
Transpennine Topology Triangle
June 3rd and 4th 1996

Monday June 3rd

11.00 Coffee

11.45 Neil Strickland "New foundations in stable homotopy theory"
(An exposition of EKMM and related things)

2.30 Paul Turner ``Rational Morava E-theory and the symmetric groups."

3.30 Tea

4.30 Neil Strickland "E-theory of DS^0 and subgroups of formal groups I"

Tuesday June 4th

9.45 Terrence Bisson (Buffalo) ``Adem and Nishida relations in (unoriented) cobordism''

10.45 Coffee

11.45 Neil Strickland "E-theory of DS^0 and subgroups of formal groups II"

2.30 Katsumi Shimomura (Tottori) ``Towards $\pi_*(L_2S^0)$ at small prime numbers.''

3.30 Tea

4.30 Neil Strickland "Elliptic spectra"
(An introduction to the diagram of A_\infty elliptic spectra, eo_2 as its homotopy inverse limit, the Witten genus and the theorem of the cube, etc.)

The meeting features a series of lectures by Neil Strickland (Cambridge) on subjects related to his preprint ``Functorial Philosophy for Formal Phenomena'', available from the Hopf archive, including The Big Picture, and applications.
Each lecture will take place in Room J11 of the Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, Sheffield; Tea and Coffee will be served in the common room I15.
From the rail station you can catch the number 60 bus, and get off where it crosses the ring road. Or take the supertram to the University stop.
Rooms can be booked at The Rutland Hotel (0114) 266 4411, but do book very soon, as space is limited; mention Sheffield University, and let me (jpcg) know what you have done.
[Warning: I will be out of Sheffield 28/4/96-26/5/96, although my usual email address will continue to work.]
Further details may be obtained from John Greenlees ( or from either of the other organisers John Hunton ( and Nige Ray (

The meeting is partially supported by a Scheme 3 grant from the London Mathematical Society and by the University of Sheffield.

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